Illinois Web Theme

Our web toolkit provides consistency for the Illinois brand in a digital space.

The Illinois web theme is a resource library available to all units. It offers brand-compliant web
design patterns to create consistency across campus, incorporates ready-to-use web layouts and
components and is compatible with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines level AA
standards to ensure an inclusive experience for all visitors.

Streamline your development process and improve your online experience with our official
header, footer and other prebuilt components. These assets are also incorporated into the self-service system for creating basic websites on WordPress.

Benefits of the Illinois Web Theme

Make your site easy to use.

Your site will be more navigable, consistent and user-friendly.

Ensure accessibility.

Because the offerings are compatible with WCAG AA standards, you will be providing an inclusive experience for all visitors.

Create a sharp, consistent appearance.

Your site will reinforce our university brand.

Save money.

No need to hire outside help in putting together web layouts and components. They’re ready for you to use.

Make content management simpler.

Illinois web theme assets are mobile-friendly and ready to go for WordPress and Drupal content management systems.

Stay current.

New innovative web components are being added all the time to stay up to date and meet user needs.

Learn more about the Illinois web theme.