Campus Policies

Find a selection of helpful university policies for communicators.

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is a massive organization governed by many, many different policies that are managed by numerous units. There is no single, central directory of university policies and practices. But we have assembled this selected directory for some of the most important and most often consulted policies among our communications and marketing community.  

Critical University Policies for Communicators 

  • Expressive activity on campus: Campus Administrative Manual policy outlining policies and practices across a very wide range of activities related to freedom of speech and expression, protest and assembly on our campus. This is an extensive policy and includes information about gatherings on the Quad, near Alma Mater, information about posting materials on bulletin boards, chalking sidewalks, distribution of printed materials and many other commonly asked questions.
  • Freedom of Information Act: CAM policy governing university employee responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act. FOIA responses are coordinated by the University System Office of External Relations and Communications, which maintains detailed guidance about FOIA processes.
  • Digital Accessibility: CAM policy governing university responsibilities to ensure that people with disabilities are afforded equal access to its programs, services and resources, including materials using multimedia and related technologies.
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: Policy governing university practices to protect student privacy rights related to their educational record.

Frequently Consulted Policies  

Policies Related to Names, Logos, Identity and Interactions with External Groups 

Policies Related to Name, Image, Likeness and Privacy Issues 

  • Utilizing student athletes in promotional and marketing materials: There are a lot of complicated NCAA compliance rules and policies for the protection of our student athletes. If you want to feature one of our student athletes in your promotional materials, you should contact the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Office of Compliance for advice.
  • Use of animals in promotional photography or videography: This policy governs use of images and videos of university-housed animals and also images and video obtained in university research facilities. There are a large number of state and federal rules and regulations that the university must follow for the protection of animals in our care. Violation of these rules by individuals or units can have significant negative impacts on our campus research practices.
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act: Policy governing university practices to protect the privacy and security of an individual’s health information.

Policies Related to Places and Activities 

Other Important Campus/University Policy Sources: 

  • Campus Administrative Manual: The CAM is one of several key policy manuals for the administrative operations of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. From policies governing the scattering of human remains to how we name buildings, if you’re wondering if we have a policy on an issue, searching the CAM is a very good start.
  • Student Code: Collection of rules, regulations, policies and procedures for undergraduate, graduate and professional students. This is maintained by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  • University Code of Conduct: Maintained by the University Ethics and Compliance Office, the Code of Conduct establishes guidelines for professional conduct by employees acting on behalf of the university.
  • Statutes of the University of Illinois: This is the fundamental “constitution” of the entire university and maintained by the Office of the Board of Trustees. The statutes are the source of authority for all of the policies and procedures across the entire University of Illinois System.
  • Bylaws of the Senate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: These are the bylaws outlining the authority, responsibilities and operating procedures of our campus Senate — the elected body responsible for our shared governance process.