Vexilla Banners

Campuswide vexilla banners play a crucial role in visually strengthening the Illinois brand.

These banners are now centrally funded by the university and co-managed by Strategic Communications and Marketing and the Architectural Review Committee.

The designs have been developed to ensure consistency and repetition across campus. Individual units are no longer to fund or maintain unit-specific vexilla banners.


A vexilla banner strategy developed by StratCom and the ARC governs the suitable locations for vexilla banners and balances aesthetic and branding goals by limiting the number of banners allowed in certain locations. All requests for new banners on existing, new or unoccupied poles need to be submitted to StratCom for consideration.

Use of light poles on Green Street, Sixth Street and others not on university property may require a letter of agreement with the city of Champaign or city of Urbana.


  • Only branded vexilla banner designs created or approved by StratCom may be used.
  • Athletic and special events present unique situations; therefore, different vexilla banner designs may be used on a limited-time basis. Even so, all artwork needs to be developed or at least reviewed and approved by StratCom.
  • Vexilla banners may not be used by student organizations.
  • Vexilla banners may not be used for commercial advertising or to promote politics or religion.


With approval from StratCom and ARC, Facilities & Services manages scheduling, production and installation of vexilla banners.