Name Tags

When you represent Illinois, look your best with our branded name tag templates.

Resources and Guidelines

Here you will find a variety of templates to customize to your needs.


Send the provided downloaded file and the preferred name tag info to a locally licensed vendor who can produce the name tag.

Metallic Silver Name Tag Template
with Pronouns

Metallic Silver Name Tag Template

White Name Tag Template
with Pronouns

White Name Tag Template


The design is provided in two options depending on your preferences for nametag material and color. These instructions will supply vendors with exactly what they need to create your specific order. Please review the requirements and use them to make your request.


  • The blue option (a) is reserved for silver/metallic or grey metal material. The orange option (b) is reserved for use on white name tags only.
  • Possible identifiers include pronouns, title, unit and parent unit.
  • Name tags must always have a minimum height of 1.25 inches.
  • Name tags should always retain a width of 3.25 inches. Lines may carry as needed, adding to the overall height of the name tag.

Layout and spacing

  • A buffer zone of at least the height of the Block I logo is required above and below text content.
  • A left and right content margin of 0.15 inches is required. Space between the name entry and identifier must be 0.15 inches.
  • Spacing between identifiers must be 0.062 inches. The Block I logo must always be vertically centered on the name tag.

Badge content

  • The name entry should retain its original font size of 24pt unless name length requires reducing. A minimum font size down to 14pt is allowed.
  • Identifiers should retain their original font size of 8pt but can be reduced down to a minimum font size of 7pt as needed.
  • Spacing between two identifiers should remain at 0.062 inches as mentioned above.


Students can be issued name tags when they are representing the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Student name tags includes the student identifier reference. The student reference is required to appear in some form of the formatting shown here.

Event Name Tags

For in-person events, meetings and more, we recommend using our templates for printed name tags. These will work for Avery and pc/name tag branded name tags.