Email Design Standards

Our emails reach a wide variety of audiences, and the design should begin and end with visual cues to Illinois.


No matter who is sending or receiving the email, we should present the Illinois brand in a clear, consistent way with the standard header and footer.

The email header template includes the university logo and wordmark, while also allowing room for primary and secondary unit names, as needed.

After the content and images in the email have done the specific work of highlighting the individual unit and unique messaging, a consistent footer once again refers back to the campuswide brand.

  • The email header uses our primary wordmark on a white background followed by a blue bar where the unit, program or department sending the communication can clearly be identified in text.
  • The email footer uses our reversed orange logo on an Illini blue background. Underneath, there is an area where the sender may customize their identifying information and disclaimer.

General emails

An email that comes from the university at-large does not need to identify a sender in the blue bar underneath the wordmark in the header, but there should still be a thin blue bar.

Identifier emails

Units should use the blue bar underneath the wordmark in the header to identify themselves or their message.

Programs or departments that fall under a primary unit should place their name below their primary unit in the blue bar. Check with your CCO if you have questions about preferred identifier information.

Create in WebTools

Easily create your custom skin in Webtools.

  1. In Webtools under More, select Skin Designer.
  2. Select Create, and then select Illinois Wizard.
  3. Under the Skin tab, enter in the primary and secondary labels.