The Illinois wordmark is a text-based logo used to unify our Illinois brand.

Primary Wordmark

The primary wordmark should be used in most cases, especially when the target audience is familiar with the university or when space constraints make the formal wordmark too small to easily read. This compact form of the wordmark is also more legible at a variety of sizes for both print and digital communications, making it useful for specific design applications.

The two-color primary orange and blue wordmark is our preferred choice and should be used whenever possible.

Vertical Wordmark

For instances where horizontal space is limited and more context is needed than the Block I can provide, use the vertical wordmark.

Formal Wordmark

If your data supports it, use the formal wordmark in applications where the audience is unfamiliar with our university.

Unit Wordmarks

The unit wordmark merges essential brand elements into one cohesive structure. When used across the university, the unit wordmark elevates our Illinois brand, while identifying specific units.

Unit wordmarks are only provided to specific central units, and are not required to use. If units do have a wordmark, they may use their primary (for most audiences), formal (for audiences unfamiliar with the university) or shortened version (for audiences who are familiar with the unit). All three must be designed by Strategic Communications and Marketing. Units are not permitted to create their own wordmarks. Only units represented on the Chancellor’s Senior Leadership Council and other noted additions deemed appropriate by the chancellor will have a wordmark, which will be designed and given to units by StratCom. If you have any questions, contact stratcom@illinois.edu.

Before using a unit’s wordmark, check with the unit’s CCO about how best to use their wordmark.

Units that do not have a unit wordmark can align with the Illinois brand by using the Illinois primary wordmark, referencing the unit in text, using brand fonts and incorporating branded design elements. Check with your college or governing unit for specialized guidance.

Do not pair the Block I or Illinois wordmark with the text of a unit name to form what visually looks like a wordmark.

There may be instances where units without wordmarks need to combine both the Illinois wordmark and the unit name for apparel, swag and other needs. For those cases, we have developed templates that combine these elements in ways that follow the brand guidelines. When creating printed materials for units without wordmarks, especially for apparel and swag such as embroidered polo shirts, make sure the unit name doesn’t appear too small to be legible. If it does, we recommend branding up to the university or parent unit wordmark, and including the sub unit name elsewhere, like on another imprint area of the item or on other swag.

If you’re looking for a specific template or guidance, reach out to branding@illinois.edu.

Limited-use Marks

Limited-use marks, or marks with a singular color, should only be used in cases where using a two-color mark is not possible.

For products not available in orange or blue, an orange mark on a white product may be used. The black, limited-use mark should only be used in pieces restricted to black and white printing methods, or as key art for techniques such as embossing or engraving.

Appropriate uses include:

  • A print piece produced in black and white.
  • Branded merchandise where two-color imprints or applications are not an option for that item or any comparable item, or the imprint size is too small to reproduce in full color.
  • Cases of sponsorship or partnership in which a single-color mark has been specially requested (for example, needing a one-color mark for placement alongside other sponsors on the back of a marathon t-shirt).

Inappropriate uses include:

  • The footer of a unit or department website.
  • On branded merchandise where two-color imprints or applications are an option.
  • Any full-color printed materials.

Alt Text for Accessibility

When creating alt text for our wordmarks, use the following recommendations. In general, alt text should use as few words as possible without being confusing. Drop leading descriptors such as “a” or “the,” as they are not needed for clarity.

Primary wordmark

Block I with ILLINOIS wordmark to the right

Vertical wordmark

Block I with ILLINOIS wordmark underneath

Formal wordmark

Block I with University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign wordmark to the right

Unit wordmark

Block I to the left of wordmark for [unit name], separated by a thin vertical black line

Clearance and Minimum Size

The clearance for the university wordmarks must be equal to the height of the Block I. No words or images may appear within the clearance zones for either element. The minimum size for the primary wordmark is .25 inches high for print and 30 pixels high for screens. The minimum size for the formal wordmark is 2 inches wide for print and 144 pixels wide for screens.

Color Variation

The university wordmarks and unit wordmarks should only appear on approved background colors and photos. For the orange and blue logo, approved backgrounds are white and light-colored photos. For the orange and white logo, approved backgrounds are blue and dark-colored photos. For the blue and white logo, approved backgrounds are orange and dark-colored photos.

Improper Use

  • Do not alter the text of the wordmark.
  • Do not distort the wordmark.
  • Do not change the color of the wordmark.
  • Do not rotate the wordmark.
  • Do not change the opacity of the wordmark.
  • Do not visually group text with the wordmark, even if it falls outside the clearance zone.

Co-branding, Partnerships and Sponsorships

Internal collaborations and sponsorships

When multiple internal university collaborators or sponsors join forces, the Block I or the Illinois primary wordmark are the only identity marks that should be used. Unit wordmarks shouldn’t be used for collaborative efforts unless they’re in the same college and use the college-level wordmark. Additional references of the unit can be added in text. Use our templates for multiple unit collaborations or sponsorships.

Single unit sponsorships

Units with wordmarks should use their wordmark for external sponsorships. When units without wordmarks sponsor external events, use our templates that allow for a single unit sponsorship. Units without wordmarks should check with your college or governing unit for specialized guidance.

External partnerships

A university unit that partners with several external organizations to create a larger organization is considered to be part of a consortium. If the partners are acknowledged with logos in print or digital communications, the Block I logo or university formal wordmark must appear with the same design weight as the partner(s), separated by a buffer zone or vertical line. The name of the specific unit should appear in the text.

Materials co-branded with external businesses

External businesses are prohibited from co-branding using the Block I or university wordmarks on their materials, both physical and digital, unless they meet certain sponsorship criteria. Find more information on these rules regarding sponsorship in the Campus Administration Manual.