Club Sports

Our university trademark includes any name, logo, work, letter or symbol that sets us apart from other universities, teams or organizations.

Official club teams registered with the Department of Student Engagement may use certain brand assets as long as they are applied appropriately. 

The use of the university name and logo by club sport groups must make distinctions between club sports and the scholarship sports that are represented by the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics.  

It is also essential to recognize that the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign brand includes names, wordmarks, logos and images that are valuable, legally protected assets. The standards set by Strategic Communications and Marketing, in concert with DIA, establish how these items can be used. 

Club Sports Names 

To distinguish between club and scholarship sports on campus, all club sports must use the word “club” instead of “team” in their names. A club sport may use “University of Illinois” in its title only when the word “club” precedes “University of Illinois.” It may use “Fighting Illini” or “Illini” only when the word “club” also appears in the name. 

Acceptable names:

  • Illini Swim Club 
  • Fighting Illini Swim Club 
  • Swim Club at the University of Illinois 

Unacceptable names: 

  • University of Illinois Swim Team
  • Fighting Illini Swim Team 
  • Illini Swim Team 
  • University of Illinois Swim Club 

Club Sports Logo and Color

Club sports may use the Block I logo; however, that trademark may not be altered in any way and must always be associated with the club sport name. The official Block I may not be used alone. Substituting a different Block I is not allowed. 

For uniforms, club sports are encouraged to use a specific orange and blue used for licensed products — PMS 7417 and PMS 2767. For digital and all other materials, use the color palette in the brand guidelines. 

  • Club sports may also use the athletics Illinois and Fighting Illini wordmarks, but they may not be adjusted in any way. 
  • Club sports MAY NOT use the Fighting Illini victory shield. This special emblem is reserved for use by DIA only and club sport logos that resemble it will not be approved. 

Club sports may design their own logo but it needs to be approved by both the Licensing and Trademark Office at and StratCom at

Club Sports Uniforms 

Prior to production, all uniform designs MUST be submitted to the Licensing and Trademark Office at for review and approval. Additional reviews may be needed from StratCom at Images and logos of external sponsors on uniforms MUST follow co-branding guidelines and be pre-approved. 

Club Sports Apparel and Merchandise 

Club sports groups are allowed to create apparel and merchandise. However, they must use approved licensed vendors who pay royalties for the right to use university trademarks. 

Royalties are not required for apparel and merchandise that include a university logo and are sold only to club sports team members. Royalties are applied to merchandise and apparel to be sold to those who are not on club teams. Please contact the Licensing and Trademark Office at 217-244-6532 or with any questions. 

All designs for these items must adhere to university brand standards and be submitted to StratCom at for review prior to finalizing production with a vendor. Design approval is a one-time provision and is applied only to the proof that was sent for review. Each time a new order or reorder is placed, that design will need to be reviewed and reapproved.