There are Illinois templates available to help you.

University Logo and Wordmark

It’s our brand staple — use the Block I and wordmark on everything from presentations to flyers
to swag.

Learn more about the Block I.
Learn more about the wordmark.

Graphic Elements

Used consistently, our collection of graphic elements creates dynamic and engaging work, while
reinforcing our visual brand.

Learn more about our graphic elements.


The custom icon set creates a more consistent user experience on websites across campus.

Learn more about our icons.


Our family of fonts provides design flexibility, brand consistency and legibility.

Learn more about our typography.

Unit Wordmarks

Units from the Chancellor’s Senior Leadership Council and other noted additions approved by
the chancellor are provided a wordmark to use in their design work.

Learn more about the unit wordmarks.

Adobe Color Palette

To easily stay on brand, install the official primary, secondary and supporting colors for use on Adobe programs.

PowerPoint Presentations

Our branded PowerPoint templates can be tailored to your unit.


Leverage our standard stationery templates and customize them to your unit.

Learn more about our standard stationery.

Digital Certificates and Badge

If you have a course or certification in need of a digital certificate or badge, these branded templates can be adjusted to your needs. If you would like to use a digital credentialing tool to issue certificates or badges, please reach out to the Office for Professional Education.


Find our suite of favicons to add to your website.

Learn more about favicons.

Design Templates

Leverage a variety of templates, including digital signage, video backgrounds for Zoom or
Teams, flyers, email skins and more, which can be customized for your unit.

Email Signatures

Sign off your emails with Illinois. Use this template to input your information and copy to your
email signature.

Learn more about email signatures.

Research Posters

For your poster session needs, download our research poster templates.

Name Tags

Using our templates, go into your next event wearing your Illinois-branded name tags.

Learn more about name tags.

Video Assets

Utilize our video assets to deliver a high-quality, consistent look to your videos.

Learn more about video assets.