Brand strategy

Brand expression

The Big Idea: The Power of I

The power that lies in the people who are brave enough to think differently and smart enough to find a better way.

The power of an individual’s drive to succeed.

The power that’s innately woven into the fabric of our 150-year-old university.

The power of a community who sees the grandest of challenges and cannot imagine a world in which there is not a solution.

The power of the University of Illinois family to create those solutions. When we come together with that kind of power, we are unstoppable.

Brand beliefs

Brand beliefs are simply that: ideas we believe in. They reflect our views of the world around us and the priorities of our strategic plan. They are built around the university’s core values and work together to shape the character of our brand, allowing people to identify and connect with us.

We believe in the power of innovation to serve and advance society.

Our commitment to fostering new ways of thinking, educating, discovering, creating and collaborating builds on our legacy of innovation, extending its reach into the future.

We believe in the power of impact to change lives.

Honoring our land grant mission entails orienting our research, innovation, influence and resources toward real-world issues.

We believe in the power of inclusion to make us stronger.

Our dedication to extending a spirit of openness, access and equity brings more people and perspectives to the table, for the benefit of all.

We believe in the power of individuality to contribute to meaningful change.

Seeing the potential in each individual, we are devoted to supporting and cultivating what makes them unique, serving as a catalyst to help them recognize and harness their power.

We believe in the power of integration to achieve greatness.

Our leadership in groundbreaking discovery and innovation is rooted in our steadfast insistence on breaking down barriers for interdisciplinary convergence.

We believe in the power of inspiration to spark new ideas for generations.

Breakthroughs happen when we cultivate a community of openness, where sharing ideas and knowledge instigates others and extends the realm of possibility.

We believe in the power of involvement to generate understanding and impact.

Building a legacy doesn’t come from sitting on the sidelines, so we encourage engagement in a myriad of opportunities for personal and community growth.

When expressing the brand through our pillars (innovation, tailored experience and legacy), there are two important categories to think through:

1. The benefits of the brand experience

a customer-focused promise of what they will gain through their experience with the U of I).

2. The reasons to believe

what we as a university do to deliver on and ensure those benefits are realized by our customers.

Telling stories using the brand pillars

Using the three pillars as a guide, the brand can be organized as a series of benefits and reasons to believe, then expressed through stories that illustrate these points. Below is an example of what this looks like for the university as a whole. The same process can be done within each college and unit.

Pillar 1: Innovation

Benefit:Reasons to believe:
Regardless of which area of the university in which I’m engaged, I will be challenged in my creativity and encouraged to consider every challenge in progressive and new ways.The U of I provides an environment where students are challenged academically.
At the U of I, I will be pushed out of my comfort zone which will fuel my own innovation.The U of I encourages students to try and experience new things.
What makes me different is also what makes me powerful. I will contribute to and learn from my peers and instructors.The U of I offers students exposure to different perspectives of new ways of thinking.
I will learn by doing.The U of I facilitates exceptional experiential learning.

Pillar 2: Tailored experience

Benefit:Reasons to believe:
I will receive a well-rounded education that will prepare me for intellectual challenges as much as social responsibility.We offer a balanced experience, blending both academics and social activities.
My personal drive will be matched by my access to unprecedented resources and tools that will empower me to navigate my individual journey.We provide an environment that encourages leadership and self-motivation.
While I’ll have the support I need, no one will hold my hand at the U of I.It’s up to our students to determine their own success.
At UIUC, I will be encouraged to forge my own path based on my unique interests.We allow students to pursue their passions.
I’ll put what I learn in the classroom into action throughout my time with UIUC.We provide students with real-world, practical application of their academic interests.

Pillar 3: Legacy

Benefit:Reasons to believe:
My UIUC degree will reap benefits for the rest of my life.We offer a good value for the investment.
I will thrive thanks to the U of I’s expansive and supportive community.We take pride in the accomplishment of our students and faculty
The skills and knowledge I acquire at the U of I will empower me to make a difference in the world.We are committed to making a positive impact on society outside of education.