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Stationery examples

About Illinois Stationery

Branded Illinois stationery uses the power of the Illinois brand to give your communications greater significance and quickly gain the trust of the recipient. Illinois stationery materials use a standardized design format that is intended to confirm that your message is on behalf of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Business Cards

    Illini Union Document Services is the only approved provider of business cards at Illinois. Business card formats include standard, extended information, dual appointments and student/volunteer cards. Specialty cards for departments and campus groups are also offered.

  • Letterhead

    Document Services is the only source for official watermarked university letterhead. Letterhead should only be used for official university communications.


    There is no charge for digital letterhead. The creation of digital letterhead has been automated by Document Services and delivered to your campus communicator. Please contact your CCO for access to digital letterhead files.

    Digital letterhead may be printed and used for all official correspondence on behalf of the university. Digital letterhead can only be used for official university business and cannot be used by students or employees in self-serving endeavors like a personal job search.

  • Envelopes

    Envelopes featuring the university letterhead are available from Document Services in a wide variety of sizes and for nearly every application.

  • Other:

    Second sheets, half sheets, memo pads, mailing labels, thank you cards, blank cards and more!

How to Order

Materials are available to order online through Document Services. For more information about any of these materials, please contact Illini Union Document Services at or (217)333-9350.

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