The Mighty DSP (and how it can help you reach your audiences)

You've probably heard some talk around campus about this DSP. What the heck is this thing? And why in the world should you care?   

First the boring part – explaining what a DSP is. A DSP is a Demand-Side-Platform, which in essence is a form of software used by us advertisers to place all different kinds of digital ads in the market place. I know what you're thinking. “OK, got it. So it’s just buying ads. Whatever. There are lots of ways of doing that. I still don’t care.”  

But, what if I told you a DSP is like buying your funds in your 403b without having to pay a broker or an investment firm? And that you can actually buy them for less money than you can on the open market – and see in real-time how those funds are doing, so the second that the next GameStop opportunity happens, you're on it in a blink of an eye. Got your attention now? 

That’s the DSP, and we have one at the U of I that is now helping people across this campus by reducing digital ad fees (by roughly 40%), eliminating barriers of entry (like spending limits or spending floors), and real-time optimizing all forms of digital ads like display, audio, and video. Oh, and did I mention we do all the work for you and you don’t have to worry about contracts to use it? That's why so many people are talking about the DSP. Get in touch with me if you want to get a better picture of how it can help you achieve your unit's marketing goals.