Ten small(ish) things your team can do to begin implementing the new brand

It's been five weeks since we rolled out the new brand guidelines. While some units have been able to dive right in and begin implementing various aspects of the brand, others are understandably overwhelmed with other concerns (like re-opening the university in the midst of this pandemic).

Trust us, we get it! No worries if you haven't been able to dive into the brand site – there's a lot of information there. That's why we've created this list of ten things you can do to dip your toes in the brand. (Before you do anything, though, make sure you're not working outside of a coordinated implementation plan your CCO has put in place!)

1. Update your email signature in Webtools and arrange for an email to be sent to everyone in your college or unit, requesting that they also update their email signatures.

2. Download the new logos/wordmarks and remove all old logos files from your desktop. Make a list of where you need to update logos (ie: website, email skins, digital signage, print materials, etc.), then create a plan to make it happen. 

3. List your unit's top 3-5 audiences. Rank them in terms of priority, then briefly describe what they want or need from your unit.   

4. Download and install the family of open-source brand fonts. (Note: Superfly is the only non open-source font, and can be purchased for under $20.)

5. Review the brand color guidelines, then download and create a color library (with the color palette) in your Adobe software.

6. Gather a small team to review the seven brand power I-words; choose 3-5 that resonate with your unit goals and audiences, then give examples of how your unit demonstrates each of those words/ideas.

7. Create social media posts that illustrate one or more of your key brand powers (see #6). Include the hashtag #PowerofI with these posts.

8. Add the new website header to your site.

9. If you use freelance/outside designers, send them a link to the brand guide website.

10. Reach out to someone on the Strategic Marketing & Branding team via email or Twitter (@UofIMarketing). Show us what you’ve been working on, get your questions answered and share virtual high-fives, all around. We’re grateful to be doing this work with all of you!