Growing a campus-wide market research program

Unity, consistency and data-driven strategy. I was excited about the goals of the Strategic Marketing and Branding office before I even officially joined the team a couple weeks ago as the new Market Research Director. My own approach aligns well, as I plan to create a much more unified market research program at the university – one with clearer goals, consistent methodologies, and some standardized questions to measure university-wide KPIs (key performance indicators).

I also look forward to facilitating the sharing of market research data across the various units of the university. While research done by, for example, the Grainger College of Engineering might not be directly applicable to the College of Fine and Applied Arts, there are still learnings that can be shared and success stories to be celebrated. Plus, having an understanding of what other colleges and units are doing helps spark ideas and interest in additional market research for your team.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want input on your current market research program, need help getting one started, or just want to chat about market research. I look forward to getting to know you all and working with the different colleges in growing your market research programs in ways that help you better reach and engage with your key audiences.