A free, on-brand WordPress theme makes it easier to share your content

You’ve probably heard the saying that the journey is more important than the destination. In the case of the on-brand Wordpress theme that was recently created, I would say that the journey has been at least as important as the destination, because they’re both pretty exciting.

I’ll start by defining the destination: Creating on-brand, easy-to-use Wordpress themes that are available in P.I.E., one of the university's publishing platforms. That’s what the destination is, and here’s why it’s important: There’s so much happening at the U of I that the world needs to know about. Now it will be easier than ever for non-developers to create a website that looks great and is on brand.

The journey was great because of the cross-campus collaboration that went into creating this tool. Several people came together to make this happen, including developers from Tech Services and other units across campus. While everyone was working to build something that supports our visual identity guidelines, they were also demonstrating unity – one of the key actions involved in implementing a unified brand. 

Thanks to this collaborative journey, you can now create websites that look great and will help you share the Power of I through your important stories and information. I hope you’ll take a moment to find out more – and maybe even to get started creating your own branded website – at Keep an eye out for more instructions and tips, and feel free to reach out to our team or Tech Services with any questions you have.