Evolving the brand for new audiences

Have you seen the new Power of I media campaign that went live the first week of January? If so, you probably noticed a shift: This campaign was developed to target audiences beyond prospective students. The images below are a couple of examples of the new assets.

Toward the end of 2020, our team began working to evolve the Power of I creative to target corporations, government officials, the research community and foundations. It's exciting to now see those assets out in the world, inviting different groups of people into the power of U of I's impact on economic development, COVID-related innovations, and more – especially as budgets tighten in the state of Illinois and nationally.

When people click on the new digital assets, they arrive at our refreshed Power of I landing page, which targets the same audiences. Links on the page lead to relevant stories and additional information about the Research Park, Corporate Relations, COVID innovations, and the pioneering work of the U of I's incredible graduate students.

While the content of the new campaign targets those key external audiences, it also has appeal for prospective students, alumni and community members, by continuing to build on our stories about how the university leads in innovation and tangible impact. Ultimately, the Power of I brand message is rooted in something that has relevance for all of the university's (and individual units') primary and secondary audiences: The U of I is a catalyst for the power that's inherent in individuals. We help people realize and leverage that power to make their mark on the world.