• 4 simple ways to begin leveraging design thinking

    After last week’s conversation with Lisa Bralts and Kendra Wieneke (members of the Siebel Center for Design team), they put together four simple tips to help marcom professionals on campus dip our toes into design thinking. Here’s to better creativity, problem solving, and deliverables! 1. Start at the end (user). At the outset of a project, consider […]
  • Q&A with SCD: Creative problem-solving with design thinking (+ Post-its!)

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the creative process lately. It’s absolutely critical in marketing when it comes to engaging our audiences, yet when time is short it can be the first thing to go. I decided to ask two members of the Siebel Center for Design (SCD) team to share some insight on how […]
  • 3 tips for creating a unit-level brand guide

    If you’re looking for inspiration for how to take our campus-wide brand guidelines and customize them for your unit, LAS has recently published a great page of “Guides, materials, and resources for LAS communicators” on their website. Even if your unit is much smaller than LAS, I think there are good ideas you could adapt […]
  • Ten small(ish) things your team can do to begin implementing the new brand

    It’s been five weeks since we rolled out the new brand guidelines. While some units have been able to dive right in and begin implementing various aspects of the brand, others are understandably overwhelmed with other concerns (like re-opening the university in the midst of this pandemic). Trust us, we get it! No worries if […]