Add power with new animated logos

The U of I's block-I logo is the cornerstone of our brand – it represents the spirit of our university and rallies together the Illini community. Using an animated version of the logo at the right moments can really bring that design element to life. The best animated logos do more than add motion. They also add value by encompassing the spirit of the brand.

As the SMB office continues building out the U of I brand, we've created an animated logo pack for all campus videographers to download and use at the end of videos. The animations can be sped up if desired, and the use of the music they come with is optional. If you find that the flow of the video works best without the music track, there's no need to use it! Or if you feel the standard, still word mark is the best option for your video, that is always acceptable.

But if you looking to end your videos with a bit more emphasis, simply download the assets in this folder, then drag and drop them to your time line. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Feel free to reach out if you have questions.